The Journal "What's new in science and technology"

The magazine "What's new in science and technology" (founder - Nexion Publishing Inc., USA). The magazine reprints materials from the American scientific popular magazine "Popular Science" and also "Russian materials prepared by authors from leading Russian R&D institutes, mass media and companies producing science-intensive products. (volume: 104 pages of A4 format, 210x280 mm). 
The new Russian-American magazine about science and technology. Full-coloured illustrated monthly, on its pages appear famous Russian authors and materials of the highest level which readers all over the world were accustomed to see on pages of the magazine "Popular Science", published by the corporation Time Inc. - the world leader in the genre of scientific popular journalism. Informational saturation of the magazine "What's new in science and technology: and its entertainment level form and maintain interest of the Russian reader to up-to-date achievements of science and to technical novelties. Exact and natural sciences, new theories confirming or rejecting current visions of the world, - all this is in the centre of attention of the readers of the magazine "What's new in science and technology".

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