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Ltd is specialized in the fieldof remedy elaboration and methods of treatment of the oncological, immunodepending infectious and other diseases. 
There is a new preparation VITURID 
- universal remedy, acting on the molecular level, regulating activity of hormones, immunity and resistency factors, growth factor receptors, resulting in regeneration of the disturbed functioning of the organism systems and regulation of the cell devision. 
The author of the preparation is Russian biochemist Tamara Vorobjova, member of the Russian Academy of Medical Technological Sciences and International Academy of Informatization. She has twenty Russian and international patents on the method of the VITURID preparation production and treatment of the diseases. The preparation is elaborated on the basis of the author's discovery on the mercury role in the organism vital activity and is know-how in the technology of the remedy production. 
VITURID is multicomponent system, including microdoses of mercury dichloride as an acting source and a solvent composed of the set of natural organic ligands of vegetative origin. Special technological method of the preparation production provides the formation of safe compound of these components which is biotic for the human being. 
VITURID is produced according to the patents RF N 2049468, 2071777, 2071778 and other state pharmaceutical enterprises. It has no analogues in its production technology and medical effect. 
Experimental and clinical tests of VITURID reveal its high therapeutic efficiency. Unique properties of the preparation promote treatment and prophylaxis of neoplasms (RF patents N 2012344, N 2012345, N 2012346, N 2035181, N 2033799), overcoming of many viral and bacterial infections, diseases connected with immunodefficiencies, autoimmune disturbancies, precancerous conditions (RF patents N 2035181, N 2035182, patents of USA, Kirguizia, Georgia, Latvia, Litvainia, Moldova). 
Study on the new remedy was carried out by the specialists of the leading scientific centers of Moscow, S.-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and other cities. Investigations were carried out in the Scientific-research Center of Toxicology and Hygienic Reglamentations of the Biopreparations of the Ministry of Public Health Medical Production of Russian Federation (Serpukhov city), Moscow I. M. Sechenov Medical Academy, D. I. Ivanovsky Research Institute of Virusology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, S.- Petersburg Medical University, S.-Petersburg D. O. Otta Institute of Gynecology. 
It is determined, that VITURID use is efficient in all types of benign and malignant tumors, bronchial asthna, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes mellitus, rheumatic arthritis, endarteritis, radiculitis, prostatitis, peptic ulcer, hemorrhoids, chronic nonspecific lung diseases, sarcoidosis, neurodermite, psoriasis, many viral diseases such as herpetic, cytomegaloviral infection. In the veterinary this preparation proved its effect in the treatment of some diseases of the respiratory digestive, scin, urination organs and system, (tumors, papillomas, bronchopneumonia, colitis, enteritis, kidney diseases (hepatitis, plague, parvoviral enteretis, viral plasmacytosis, colibacteriosis, leptospirosis etc.), diarrhea, of virus genesis, infections wounds and burns. 
VITURID is nontoxic and safe that is confirmed by the Toxicological Certificate of the preparation, elaborated by Scientific Center of Toxicology and Hygienic Reglamentation of the Biopreparations of the Ministry of Public Health and Medical Production of the Russian Federation. Since 1992 medical Center "Viturid plus" LTD has been working in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, which proposes medical services to the patients with malignant neoplasms, bacterial and viral infections on the basis of which lies the pathology of the immune system. 
VITURID effect on the oncological process other than that of the existed medicinals is as follows: 
 the preparation effect leads to the tumor regression, cessation of its metastasing; 
 on the place of the pathological process growth of the young tissue takes place, function of injuried organ regenerates; 
 the preparation has anaestesic effect. VITURID application in the clinic gives the following results; 
 efficiency of the treatment of oncological patients with 3-4 stage of disease is 61,7%; 
 in the treatment of brain tumors positive dynamics is revealed in 67 % cases; 
 viturid application in viral infections results in deep virus latention up to disappearance of the viral markers in the organism; 
 effecting on the component of cellular and humorral immunity this preparation leads to the normalization of the organism state immune indices; 
 the preparation has positive clinical effect in 89,5% patients with herpetic infections, that is much higher in comparison with world known zovirax; 
 viturid use in cytomegaloviral infection promotes deep virus latention: after the treatment course cytomegalovirus is revealed only in 40% of patients as comparerd with 90% in the control group; 
 viturid use in psoriasis heavy forms results in long (more than two years) remissions of the disease; 
 viturid use in the clinic of viral hepatitis with long antigenemia promotes improvement in the patient state, decrease in the clinical symptom picture, normalization of biochemical and immunological indices, resistance to cold and acute respiratory viral infections, activation of the eliminating mechanisms of the immune system, decrease in antigen concentration or total organism sanation; 
 application of this preparation in HIV-infection promotes total disappearance of its clinical features, normalization of the organism immune system indices, total regeneration of labour ability.

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