Limited liability company "Surgutgazprom"

Is one of the largest and effectively operating enterprises of OJSC "Gazprom", the constituent part of the West-Siberian oil-gas complex, performing gas transportation, transportation and processing of gas condensate. 
The primary role in production activities of LLC "Surgutgazprom" belongs to deliveries of gas from northern deposits to the industrial Ural and to the centre of the country. Stabile work of the gas-pipeline Urengoi-Cheliabinsk, of compressor stations is the most important task of LLC "Surgutgazprom". Natural gas entering the pipeline system of Surgutgazprom , crosses hundreds of rivers, swampy places, passes over the territories of Yamalo-Nenetsky, Hanty-Mansiysky districts, southern areas of Tiumen province, enterprises of Ekaterinburg, Tiumen, Cheliabinsk, Nizhniy Tagil etc. 
The structure of LLC "Surgutgazprom" includes 15 line-production managing departments. At 17 compressor stations of the company Surgutgazprom are installed 231 gas-pumping aggregates. For maintenance in operational state of the entire part Surgutgazprom performs reconstruction of gas-pumping stations, provides repairing and restoration of assemblies of gas-pumping aggregates, forms mobile teams for servicing gas-pipeline routes and compressor stations. 
Automation of control processes in LLC "Surgutgazprom" is in progress since 1996 when was elaborated the target program "Integrated automated system of control over technological processes of transportation and processing of gas and gas-condensate.". Being an integral part of Gazprom LLC "Surgutgazprom" is currently the member of a group of leading enterprises in the sphere of automation and introduction of new control systems and exploitation of currently operating ones. 
Based on efforts of two subdivisions Surgutgazprom performs large works in repairing technological and electrotechnical equipment and maintenance in operational condition of the gas-pipeline system Urengoi-Cheliabinsk. The main volumes of works on the linear part of the gas-mains LLC "Surgutgazprom" performs using three maintenance trains. 
Into the structure of Surgutgazprom are also included three enterprises of technological transport vehicles and special technical means. All transportation teams have good repairing bases, objects of social and curative-sanitation designation. 
LLC "Surgutgazprom" has in its structure building subdivisions which perform the entire complex of building-construction and repairing works. 
The company is incessantly working on reduction of technogenic influence on ambient surroundings in natural conditions varying from near-pole tundra to forest-steppes in the south of Tiumen province. LLC "Surgutgazprom" tries to satisfy all requirements of nature protection legislature of Russia and high standards of OJSC "Gazprom".

Tel: (3462) 75-03-16, fax: 75-11-30

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