NPO Saturn is the founder of Russian snowmobile production. For 30 years more than 200 000 snowmobiles were produced. The most popular are Buran, Ikar, Bars, Arctica and their modifications. 
Taiga snowmobiles are new generation vehicles featuring high capacity, stability, modern design, reliability and ease of operation. As for price and quality ratio Taiga snowmobiles successfully compete with foreign counterparts. The best specifications make Taiga the leader in class of vehicles with 500 cm3 engine capacity. 
Starting with 2001 a program for guarantee and servicing is effective. Within this program the assistance to holders of snowmobiles is provided: 
 seminars in snowmobile maintenance for dealers; 
 audit and control of service center operation; 
 provision of dealers with special-purpose tools for snowmobile maintenance and repair; 
 information support; 
 compensation of cost for guarantee maintenance.

Tel: (0855) 24-31-00, fax: (0855) 21-31-08

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