Design and production of gas-turbine aircraft engines for Russian military aviation is one of NPO Saturn’s main activities. 
NPO Saturn has a significant experience in development of gas-turbine engines from the first generation to the fifth generation. Starting with design of the TR-1 turbojet, engines with AL (Arkhip Lyulka) designation powered aircraft of the leading Russian aircraft-building companies such as Ilyushin. Sukhoi, Lavochkin, Mikoyan, Tupolev and Yakovlev. For a long period these engines are widely used in Russia and abroad. 
At present the following aircraft engines are series produced: 
 AL-31F - a high-temperature engine of modular design with exhaust mixing. The engine powers Su-27 fighter and its modifications, Su-33 carrier fighter, Su-35 and Su-30MK multipurpose fighters, Su-34 frontline bomber; 
 AL-31FP – a high-temperature by-pass engine of modular design developed on the base of AL-31F. The engine powers advanced Su-30MKI, Su-35 multipurpose fighters of the 4+ generation; 
 AL-31FN – a modification of AL-31F with lower positioning of aircraft auxiliaries. 
NPO Saturn performs modernization of the AL-31F engine applying the 5th generation technologies. 
According to the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation NPO Saturn is the principle designer and manufacturer of the 5th generation engine.

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