Saturn is a machine-building company for design and production of gas turbomachinery for the Air Force and Navy of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, commercial aviation, fuel and power complex of Russia. 
Production floor, total – about 1 mln sq. m 
Personnel number – about 18 000 
NPO Saturn was the first company in Russia for the industry reconstruction program due to amalgamation of two leading design bureaus (Rybinsk Engine-Building Design Bureau and A.Lyulka-Saturn Design Bureau) with a significant pilot and production base (a pilot plant in Rybinsk, Lytkarinsky machine-building plant near Moscow) and two large industrial facilities in Rybinsk. 
Development strategy of NPO Saturn is based on the principle that the design division of the Company is the largest and effective center for Russian aircraft engine building. NPO Saturn is the industry leader in application of information technologies for design. 
The Company features a high level for renovation of assets. Significant investments are available for development of special-purpose shops corresponding to international standards. The Company purchases up-to-date equipment to ensure high quality of the product line. The industrial potential of the Company fully corresponds to requirements for production of the 5th generation turbomachinery. 
Due to a high level of concentration of scientific, production and financial resources the Company ensures a full life cycle for up-to-date gas-turbomachinery starting with philosophy, ideas, design and the final state testings, putting into series production, service and maintenance. 
According to the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation the Company is the principal designer and manufacturer of the 5th generation aircraft engine. 
The base for NPO Saturn engine family is Saturn D-30KU/KP engine. Today about 4 000 engines of this series are considered to be the most reliable in the history of the world commercial aviation and are operated on wing at 120 airlines worldwide. 
Support for the engine fleet in operation is provided by a service network: more than 80 constant representations at airlines and military units in Russia and abroad provide maintenance of aircraft engines. Total operating hours of engines under operation from the production start amount to more than 50 mln hours. Annual total flight hours are not less than 2 mln hours. 
NPO Saturn actively participates in international programs. Strategic importance has the cooperation with Snecma Moteurs (France) for the SM146 engine design. Within this program NPO Saturn and Snecma Moteurs participate on a par – 50/50. 
The SM146 propulsion system is the first perspective international project in Russia for aircraft engine building. The engine is designed using the latest scientific achievements and will be certified in the USA and Europe. 
After finishing of life of the 3rd generation series engine the SM146 will fully take commercial segment of NPO Saturn production. The Company will organize hundreds of highly technological work places. 
On the market of equipment for power and gas-pumping industries NPO Saturn presents power plants in capacity range from 30kW to 325 MW. 
In accordance with an order of the Unified Energy System of Russia NPO Saturn produces a gas-turbine engine rated at 110MW and GTE-110 gas-turbine power plant, PGU-170, PGU-325 combined cycle plants on its base. According to Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board, Unified Energy System of Russia, the GTE-110 is the first Russian gas turbine considered as the base for full technical reequipment of power generation in Russia. 
For independent producers of electric power NPO Saturn produces power plants rated at 2.5; 6/8; 12 and 18 MW. Under conditions of constantly growing rates for power carriers power stations of NPO Saturn are alternative sources of electric power for industrial facilities and municipal communities. 
At present NPO Saturn constructs gas-turbine power stations of various capacities in Omsk, Cherepovetz, Naryan-Mar, Vologda, Usinsk and Volgograd region. 
Within the program for supply of high efficient engines to Gazprom NPO Saturn designs, produces and supplies gas-pumping units rated at 4; 6.3 and 10 MW developed on the base of gas-turbine engines of the 4th and 5th generation. 
The priority of the Company is development and improvement of quality system. NPO Saturn is certified for correspondance to ISO 9001, AS 9100, BVQI requirements for quality system of design, production, repair and maintenance of aircraft gas-turbine engines. The Company is recognized by the Russian River Register. NPO Saturn was awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation for significant achievements in quality provision.

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