"Red October"

"Red October" today is: 
 an entire aromatic kingdom situated in the very center of Moscow covering the area of about 6 hectares; 
 production capacities for the production of more then 60 thousand tons of confectionery - hard-boiled sweets, candies, chocolate, toffee, cocoa powder, nuts, halffinished chocolate products; 
 a wide range of products including more than 500 types of confectionery; 
 production under proprietary mark of about 30% of confectionery in the Moscow region and about 5% in Russia as a whole; 
 20% of all Russian chocolate productions, 10% of all Russian hard-boiled sweets, about 25% of all domestic toffee; 
 an up-to-date technological equipment designed by world best producers of machines for food industry, as well as thanks to the talent of our own engineers; 
 an entire network of subsidiary enterprises and companies in all regions of Russia including enterprises which produce confectionery; 
 absence of preservatives and use of only natural products in production; 
 a joint-stock enterprise, investment in its shares brings stable income thanks to growth of their market value and regular payment of dividends; 
 a system of social benefits and guarantees for employees, carefully maintained and developed even under difficult conditions of market relations development; 
 consideration for history and traditions.

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