«Panin and Co»

On the basis of the Kuibyshevsky RPT in 1991 was created the company «Panin and Co». 
The activity of the company was organized in one of the small food stores situated in the historical region of Moscow – “Preobrazhenskoye”. 
In that hard time, when the counters of stores were in the literal sense empty, we have executed primary goal - provision of the population with foodstuffs.


Now in the territory of the Eastern administrative district are operating five stores, integrated into one unified trademark «Panin and Co», under a legible management of the general director Ivan Panin. 
In public life of the city the company «Panin and Co» is a constant partner of the Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes” and Center of sporting skill of power structures of Russia.



Taking into account our perennial experience, we can with confidence speak about dynamic development of the company in the sphere of rendering consumer services to the population: 
 Wine-vodka articles; 
 Household chemistry; 
 Porcelain - crystal; 
 Man's and female clothing; 
 Goods for children; 
 Audio - video; 
 Wholesale and retail sales of leather articles; 
 Organization of points of public catering (cafe - bar).

With the purpose of advancing existing and creation of new forms of activities and directions we are conducting active work in engaging new partners. 
In this connection, we’ll attentively consider all incoming proposals on our page on the site archimedes.ru in the catalog “Trade-marks” or at the addres


Adress:: 107061, Moscow, Suvorovskaya St., 24
Tel: 963-63-42
Fax: 160-70-00

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