Edition On Metallurgy And Technology Of Processing Ferrous And Non-Ferrous And Special Metals And Alloys 
Topics of the journal "Metallurgist": 
 Development prospects of the mining-metallurgical and metal industry 
 Economics, management 
 Technological developments in metals and alloys and products on their base 
 Automation and control 
 Environmental protection 
 Social development 
 Professional training 
 Company presentation 
 History of metallurgy and craft arts 
 Art metal, forging, casting, jewellry. 
The journal "Metallurgist" is translated into English by the corporation " KLUWER ACADEMIC/PLENUM PUBLISHERS " (USA). 
The journal "Metallurgist" is distributed on subscription in CIS and 15 countries of the world. 
Subscription index of the journal 70535 
Chief editor Novoselova Olga Nikolaevna

Adress: 105005, Moscow, 9,23 2nd Baumanskaya St.
Tel: (095) 777-95-61, tel/fax (095) 777-95-24

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