May Company

May Company is Russia's leading tea and coffee producer. Since 1991, our tea brands: Maisky and Lisma have been among the drinks of choice for millions of people. Our company is unique in Russia for having own representatives at world's leading tea plantations in Sri-Lanka and India. 
We love our consumers. This simple yet effective formula is the foundation of the Company's phenomenal success on the market. 
Our consumers associate the May Company products with utmost quality. Just like us, they believe our brands help them secure and promote deep-rooted traditions of the national tea-drinking. Just like us, they believe our brands represent family values as well core concepts of the Russian mentality: sincerity, friendliness and sociability. 
Beside their great taste, our tea brands, Maisky and Lisma also stand out with their unique, integrated packaging and design. They are well known not only in Russia but also in several countries across the border.

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