The Monthly Journal Of The Russian Union Of Industrialists And Businessmen Issued Since May 1999 
The mission of the journal consists in support of processes aimed at revival of national economy, business world of Russia, establishing communications between industrialists and businessmen. 
Topics: industrial policy, economical and scientific potential of the Federation subjects, experience in administrative activity, constructive cooperation of business and authorities, development of competitive production, other problems of organizing and financial-economic activities. 
The journal is distributed in 89 subjects of Russian Federation, at national and international exhibitions, and also congresses, conferences, business meetings and other events conducted by the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RUIB); by subscription and address dispatch to RUIB members and foreign missions. The publications are operatively and free of charge placed in Internet and on WEB pages of the journal. 
The edition has an honour to offer you a place on pages of the journal.

Adress: 103070, Moscow, 10/4, Staraya sq., office 442, 406
Tel: (095) 748-41-46, 748-42-28

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