They are assignees of the journal "Problems of invention activities" the first number of which was published in 1957. In 2002 the journal marked 45 years of existence. 
Both editions are issued by the Publishing House "INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" and are a kind of a correspondence seminar, desktop book for all legal owners - inventors, creative intelligentsia , and also patent attorneys, lawyers, law enforcement authorities, accountants, financiers and economists, industrialists and businessmen, science explorers, students and post-graduate students. 
One of major editorial tasks - affiliation of all specialists in the sphere of use and protection of intellectual property for active work, development of stable business cooperation, and also exchange of fruitful ideas in the name of progress in protection of objects of intellectual property. 
Special interest "IP" presents for creative workers, and specialists of different level who work over theses, because the journal is included by the Decision of the Supreme Attestation Commission of RF Ministry of Education into a list of editions recommended for printing contents of theses.

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