Limited Liability Company "Scientific-Production Enterprise Of Dergachov" SPE D) for about 15 years has been successfully developing and producing high-reliability systems and assemblies for passenger cars that meet safety requirements of railway traffic, of resource saving and of import replacement. In the course of activities 32 inventions of SPE D, protected by patents of Russian Federation have been introduced into production. 
The economic effect of their introduction on railroads of Russia and CIS countries exceeded 800 mln. RUR, and at that a relative saving of extra 500 mln. Euro has been received. At the head of the enterprise is its president Eduard Petrovich Dergachov, laureate of the International Salon of Industrial Property "Archimedes", honoured railwayman, general constructor of the enterprise. 
High product quality at SPE D is ensured by invariable principle of work over any novelty: from ideas up to introduction with indispensable use of inventions and know-how. The operation of each assembly of a passenger car is investigated by the engineers of the enterprise in deep interrelation with adjacent assemblies. Products of SPE D are highly technological in service and repair. Basically all operations can be performed on rails at train stopping places. All created assemblies and systems are interchangeable. 
SPE D also develops machines and lathes used in railway transport, manual tools and instruments used in railway transport, railway transportation means; apparatuses moving over the ground; completing devices and spare parts for them.

Adress: 129626, Moscow, 1st Mytischenskaya St. 2
Tel: (095) 287-90-44, 252-56-98, fax (095) 261-36-57

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