Russian inventors presented their developments at Smart China Expo

The Belt and Road Youth Patent Incubation Exhibition was held at the end of August in Chongqing, China as part of Smart China Expo - 2021. This Smart Expo focused on the Industrial Internet, Software, Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Applications. More than 610 enterprises, including world renowned scientists and experts, were involved in online and offline event.

The International Innovation Club «Archimedes» organized the participation of Russian inventors and manufacturers of innovative products in the exhibition «One Belt - One Road». For unique projects in the field of chemical industry, representatives of Tula State University (for the project "Biosensor analysis for express biochemical oxygen consumption", authors: Vyacheslav Arlyapov, Valery Alferov, Natalya Yudina) and Tver State Technical University (for the project «Heterogeneous liquid-phase oxidation compounds and methods of its preparation», authors: Mikhail Sulman, Olga Grebennikova, Alexandrina Sulman, Boris Tikhonov, Valentina Matveeva) were awarded honorary certificates and special prizes of the exhibition.

We sincerely congratulate the participants on the well-deserved recognition and wish them creative success!

Executive Directorate of the International Club "Archimedes"