Mr. Dmitry Zezuylin elected to the IFIA Executive Committee

Thirty-sixth session of of the IFIA General Assembly was organized on 5th November 2021 in Nurnberg, Germany. The meeting was chaired by IFIA’s president Mr. Alireza Rastegar and two IFIA directors, Prof.Dr.Michal Szota and Mr. Zoran Barisic.

On the agenda, the members of IFIA actively discussed the issue related to the selection of candidates for the executive committee of IFIA. 42 nominees for IFIA Executive Committee were presented and General Assembly members were requested to elect 25 members and cast their votes. Mr. Dmitry Zezuylin, a member of the Executive Committee of the IFIA, Chairman of the Moscow Public City Organization of All Russian Society of Inventors (MGO VOIR), was chosen as the representative of the Russian Federation.

Membership in the IFIA makes it possible to significantly expand cooperation between Russian and foreign inventive organizations and individual inventors, contributes to improving the image of our state as one of the leaders in science and technology, increasing the importance of the inventor's personality, protecting and supporting his interests, spreading the culture of innovation and invention.

Congratulations to Mr. Dmitry Zezuylin on his election to the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA)!