XXIII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes-2020” is over

XXIII Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes-2020” finished its work. The exhibition was held by correspondence. More than 600 projects, 314 participants from 24 countries and 35 regions of the Russian Federation participated in the exhibition. The largest number of exhibits is presented in the following classes:

- Information and telecommunication technology

- Informational, navigation and control systems

- Medicine and medical equipment, hygiene, cosmetics, veterinary

- Aviation, aerospace industry

- Human safety, protection and rescue

- Radio, television and communications

- Land, sea and air transport

- General machine-building industry

The International Jury evaluated the exhibits. More than 300 projects received golden, silver and bronze medals of the Salon:

  • Grand-prix of Salon “Archimedes” - The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

  • Grand-prix of Salon “Archimedes” - JSC «Typhoon»

  • “The international exhibition-contest of trade marks and names of places of origin of goods «The Trademark LEADER»” - YUMCO, Srbija

  • WIPO medal “The best enterprise in the field of intellectual property” – “Zhukovskii and Gagarin Air Force Academy”

  • WIPO medal for “Innovative activity” - The N. G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy

  • IFIA medal “For the best invention” - UEC-Saturn, Rybinsk

  • “The best innovative project of Salon Archimedes” – The Kostychev Ryazan State agro-technology university

  • “The best invention in interests of government interests’ protection” - Russian Federation Security Guard Service Federal Academy

  • “The best invention in interests of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation” - Military Academy of Strategic Rocket Forces

  • “The best invention in the field of biotechnology” - Biochem Agent LLC

  • “The best invention in the interests of defense-industrial complex of Russian Federation” - Federal budget - funded research

  • Institute of Machines Science named after A.A. Blagonravov of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • “The best invention in interests of protection, rescue and safety of people” - Volga State University of Technology

  • “The best invention in interests of the road branch” - Tver state technical university

  • “The best project of international competition “The best innovative potential of youth” - “Zhukovskii and Gagarin Air Force Academy”

  • “The best innovative project in interests environment protection” - Joint Stock Company «Russian Space Systems»

  • “For the active support of scientific and technical creativity of youth” – Crimean boarding-school for gifted children

  • “The best invention in the field of IT” – JSC “TerraTech”

  • “The best inventor of Salon “Archimedes” - Vitalii Karaliun

  • “The best invention in interests of aerospace industry” - Joint Stock Company «Russian Space Systems»

  • “The best media partner” – Publishing house “Intellectual Property”

The following projects were awarded the Special Prize of Salon "Archimedes": System and Devices for speed control of cars in traffic Patent: 7861 Professor Dr. Dragi Rashkovski, Skopje, North Macedonia

GORDON'S ELEKTRONIK CAPSULA ( GEK 001) Janićević Gorgon Niš, Srbija

Plant Complex Whitening & Anti-wrinkle Lotion Hungkuang University of Science and Technology


Water resources energy management, sales system and its pricing and sales methods

National Chin-Yi University of Technology

(Kuo-Liang Weng, Ling-Hua Weng, Ching-Ju Wong , Shih-Wei Lin, Yu-Qi Zeng, Chieh-Lun Weng)

GKM3-A new probiotic for weight management

Grape King Bio

(Chin-Chu Chen, Yen-Lien Chen, Shan Lin, Shin-Wei Lin, Li-Ya Lee, Yen-Po Chen)

Suitcase Coupling

Overseas Chinese University


The Region cup «For active work on development of invention and rationalization activities in the Region»:




Krasnodar Krai

Ryazan Oblast

The Republic of Dagestan

The Mari El Republic

Volgograd Oblast

Krasnoyarsk Krai

The award ceremony was held in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). We wish you all the best and wait for you at XXIV Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes-2021” on 23rd -26th of March 2021 in exhibition and convention centre Sokolniki, pavilion №2.

Directorate of Salon “Archimedes”