The perspectives of progress in the sphere of inventions in Moscow

On January 23rd 2019 the MCO VOIR Representatives, such as: Dmitry Zezyulin - Head of MCO VOIR, Anatoly Belyakov - Head of Laboratory of Сoating and Repair Technologies (LCRT) of the ALL-RUSSIA THERMAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE and Yury Sakunenko - Chief Executive of ENGIMATIC Ltd, were interviewed for the TV channel "Night Moscow". "Night Moscow" is a weekly metropolitan newspaper, and it is usually released since 1923 every day, except Saturdays and Sundays. In 2011 the project was rebooted, and now it's developing with the support from Moscow Government, positioning itself as a metropolitan newspaper of influence by highlighting the activity of local authorities and city services, as well as main events in the capitol, country and the world. The main points, that were discussed during the interview, are: The perspectives of progress in the sphere of inventions, the implementation of innovative projects in Moscow and the organization and conduct of 22nd Moscow International Inventions and Innovative Technology Salon «ARCHIMEDES». We would like to thank "Night Moscow" for highlighting our activity, and we hope for long-lasting productive cooperation.