Strengthening Public Relations

Strengthening Public Relations

In order to strengthen the public relations, Moscow house of public organisations signed an agreement with Moscow City Organisation VOIR about the cooperation of sides along the governmental program “Support non-profit organizations with a social orientation”.

Moscow house of public organisations was created according to the Decision of Moscow Government №372 from 16/05/2000.

Moscow house of public organisations performs as a resource center which provides informational, methodical, juridical and law support to non-profit organisations with a social orientation in Moscow.

Moscow house is created in order to help the public sector of the capital:

  • For development of the new cooperation technologies between public organisations and city government

  • For creation of the necessary conditions for the social partnership in the public sector

  • For the cooperation of the non-profit organisations with governmental bodies, promotion and lobbying for their projects

We are sure that this partnership will be helping to strengthen the connections between Moscow inventors with the wide society and also will serve as an impulse for the information flow about the inventive activity on the new communication platforms.

Moscow City Council VOIR