Press release of the Archimedes Salon-2018

Ladies and gentlemen!

From the 5th of April to the 8th of April , XXI Moscow international Archimedes Salon of inventions and innovative technologies will be held in CEC Sokolniki pavilion № 2. Archimedes Salon is supported by Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Moscow city organization of All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators, IFIA, Russian Engineering Union, Association of League to Support Defense Industry Enterprises, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The main purpose of organizing and holding the Archimedes Salon is the activation of inventive, patent-licensing, innovative activities, the development of the market of intellectual activity. Up to 80% of the results of intellectual activity presented at the Salon, according to the analytical investigation, are penetrate with the industry that undoubtedly shows the high efficiency of the Archimedes Salon. The exposition of the Archimedes 2018 Salon occupies 4,500 square meters of exhibition area, whereon will feature more than 250 organizations and over 700 exhibits, participants from 26 foreign countries and 50 regions of the Russian Federation, who will present inventions and innovative projects. Federal Service for Intellectual Property together with World Intellectual Property Organization and Moscow city organization of All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators will hold an International scientific-practical conference on topical issues of inventive and patent-licensing activities. The events of International University of the inventor will be held workshops, roundtable discussions, presentations of national delegations and unique projects, which make the atmosphere of the Archimedes Salon rich and business.

The greatest number of interesting developments are presented in such classes as:

- Medicine and medical equipment, hygiene, cosmetics, veterinary

- Land, sea and air transport

- General engineering

- Aerospace engineering

- Human security, protection and rescue

- Information and telecommunication technologies

- Information, control and navigation systems

- Radio, television and communication

- Agro-industrial complex and forestry

- Metallurgy

Visiting the Salon is a good pastime for lovers of vivid impressions of any age.

CEC "Sokolniki", pavilion№ 2.

Opening hours : from 5 to 7 April from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. . On 8th April from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Working opening of the Salon at 10:00 on 5th April , CEC "Sokolniki", pavilion №2.

Official closing of the Salon at 15: 00, on 8th April, CEC "Sokolniki", pavilion №2.

The press conference will be held at 4:30 p.m. on 5th April in The business club hall of the Salon

in CEC"Sokolniki" , pavilion №2

At: (roadmap)

Host: President Of The Salon "Archimedes" Dmitry Ivanovich Zezulin.

You can make an application for accreditation on our website, or write to e-mail: