Press release - 2017

Dear sirs and madams!

The XX Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes" will be held in the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 16 to May 19, Pavilion 4, 4.2. The Salon "Archimedes" is organized with the support of The President Administration of the Russian Federation, The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), The Federal Service for Intellectual Property, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The General partner of the Salon "Archimedes-2017" is the Republic of Poland.

The main aim of the Salon “Archimedes” organization and representation is activating of inventive and innovative, patenting and licensing activity, results of intellectual activity market development.

In accordance with analytical researches Salon “Archimedes” high work efficiency is represented by means of implementation into the production sector no less than 80% of intellectual activity results, which are presented during the Salon.

The exposition of the Salon "Archimedes-2017" occupies more than 5500 sq.m. The exhibition area will bring together more than 250 organizations and over 1000 exhibits, participants from 22 countries and 50 regions of the Russian Federation, who will present their inventions and innovative projects.

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property with The World Intellectual Property Organization will conduct the International Conference on the Legal Protection of Intellectual Property Results at the Salon «Archimedes-2017». The events of the International University of the Inventor will be held at the Salon. There are the seminars, round tables, presentations of national delegations and unique projects that make the atmosphere of the «Archimedes» rich and business-like.

This year the Salon «Archimedes» celebrates the 20th anniversary, and each guest will dipped into atmosphere of the holiday, will be charged with special energy and will find his stable point.

The greatest number of the interesting developments are presented in such classes as:

- Medicine and medical technology, hygiene, cosmetics, veterinary medicine

- Land, sea and air transport

- General engineering

- Aerospace industry

- Safety, protection and rescue of the human being

- Information and telecommunication technologies

- Information, controlling and navigation systems

- Radio, television and communication

- Agricultural sector and forestry

- Metallurgy

The special attention at the XX Salon "Archimedes" is paid to the young innovators, the foreign inventors, large industrial enterprises, academic science, universities, organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The Salon provides an opportunity for demonstrating the developments, get a grade of the Commission of Experts and an International jury, as well as find reliable partners and potential investors for the further innovative development.

Visiting the Salon is a wonderful pastime for people of all ages who like to get the vivid impressions.

On May, 16th at 10:00 – working opening of the Salon, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Pavilion 4, 4.2

On May, 16th at 15:00 – official opening of the Salon, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Pavilion 4

Press-conference will take place in the University’s Inventor, Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre, Pavilion 4, 4.2

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The Speaker is Zezyulin Dmitry, the President of the Salon «Archimedes»

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Prepared by Yaroslava Priyma