The International Innovation Club «Archimedes» at «TESLA FEST-2015»

Delegation of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» participated in the 29-th International festival of innovations, knowledge and creativity «TESLA FEST-2015», which took place in Novi-Sad, Serbia 12-15 October, 2015. Exhibitors from more than 150 countries like China, Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia took part in this exhibition.

The Russian delegation was headed by the Head of research and innovation of Volga State University of Technology (VSTU) Andrianov J. S. and Chairman of VSTU Students Joint Council Bogdanov E. N.

There were 5 projects of VSTU regarded within the competitive selection, all of those developed by young scientists. The exhibits were directed to participate in the program of development of student organizations in 2015.

During the expert evaluation of the international jury four projects were awarded with gold medals:

- «Drilling-welding machine" - Eliseev M. S., Tarasova O. G., Kolchin A. I .;

- «The technology of supplements from the extract of aspen bark» - Maslenikova K. A, Konyukhov O. M .;

- «Flexible arm to care for tree plantations» - Semenov K.D., Ginger A. A. Onuchin E. M.;

- «Multi-link truss manipulator of variable geometry» - Ibrohimov S.S., Galyautdinov A. R. Fischenko P. A., Bogdanov E. N.

Another project was granted with a silver medal:

- «Hardware and software system for remote sensing data from the air in forestry» - Klyuzhev K. S., Rozhentsov A. A., Bolshakov A. P.

It should be noted that during the visit to Serbia, delegation of the club «Archimedes» held several meetings with representatives of management and scientific circles of the two largest universities in Serbia - University of Belgrade and University of Novi Sad.

We thank all participants of the exposition of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» at the festival «TESLA FEST-2015» and wish them continued success in inventive creativity.