International Innovation Club «Archimedes» participated 40th International exhibition of inventions

International Innovation Club «Archimedes» took part in 40th International exhibition of inventions «INOVA-2015», which took place in Carlovac, Croatia.

International invention exhibition «INOVA» is held from 1971 and during this period of time has demonstrated thousands of inventions from Croatia and other countries. Such countries as Taiwan, Malaysia, Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Korea, Iran and Iraq took part in «INOVA-2015».

Delegation from the club «Archimedes» was headed by Nehoroshkov P. A., PhD of technical sciences, head of the research programs and NIRS management of research and innovation activities of the Volga State Technological University. Projects and developments from Volga State University of Technology, Dagestan State Medical Academy, Dagestan State Technical University and Nizhegorodsky State Medical Academy were represented on the «INOVA-2015» exhibition.

The following exhibits were awarded with golden medals:

- Volga State University of Technology for development «The device for nondestructive express diagnostics of technical quality of timber on root» by Fediukov V. I, Tsvetkova E.M., Saldaeva E. Y., Vasenev A.L.;

- Dagestan State Medical Academy for development «Stent for the formation of fistulas at external dacryocystorhinostomy» by Aliyev A-G.D., Abdulaev A.B., Aliyev A.G., Shihunov D.Sh.;

- Degestan technical university for development «Thermoelectric intensifier heat transfer» by Ismailov Tagir, Yusufov Shirali, Evdulov Oleg, Hazamova Madina.

Some of the projects were also granted with silver medals:

- Volga State University of Technology for development «The Microbiological preparations for forestry» by Bolshakova E.E., Gabitova O. M, Shurgin A.I.;

- Nizhegorodsky State Medical Academy for development «Infrared spectroscopy in the diagnosis of diseases of various origins» by Gordetsov Alexander, Terentiev Igor, Shakhov Boris, Crasnov Victor.

We thank all participants of the exposition of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» at the Salon «INOVA-2015» and wish them continued success in inventive creativity.