Resume of participation of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» in the World technical fai

From 22 to 25 September Exhibition Center «Messe Dusseldorf» united the participants, guests and visitors of the World Fair for Mold- and Patternmaking, Tooling, Design, Additive Manufacturing and Product Development «Euromold 2015». Once again the delegation of Russian manufacturers and science organizations under the auspices of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» took part in this exhibition. With 453 exhibitors from 33 nations, representing 33.4% of Additive Manufacturing/3D printing, 26.8% of mold- and toolmaking, 26.4% of production/suppliers, 5.8% of digital product development and 7.6% of design, the trade show result can be judged as very reasonable. At the official opening ceremony the Deputy Secretary for Economy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. Gunther Horzetzky, welcomed the fair. Dr. Horzetzky noted that the fair has moved after 21 years into his federal state and greeted all the participants. On the last day the exhibition management made a gift to all exhibitors by organizing a rapid 3D Fashion-show. The main trait of the show - the elements of the clothes and jewelry are made by the 3D-printer. The Russian delegation included representatives of the industry and science organizations of Moscow and other Russian regions, as well as foreign companies: MGO VOIR, «InnovExpo» LLC, Dagestan State Technical University, Dagestan State Medical Academy, Volga State University of Technology, Moscow State University of Technology «STANKIN», UMPO Subsidiary Lyulka Design Bureau and our partner from the Republic of Serbia - the company «BEOHEMIJA BUSINESS GROUP». The Dagestan State Technical University and the Dagestan State Medical Academy in addition to diplomas were honored with special prizes «Euromold 2015». All members of the delegation of the club «Archimedes» were awarded with the original diplomas of the World Fair for Mold- and Patternmaking, Tooling, Design, Additive Manufacturing and Product Development “Euromold 2015”. The trademark «DUEL» («BEOHEMIJA BUSINESS GROUP») was awarded with the prize «For the original trademark» and a special diploma of the exhibition. The exposition of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» has attracted guests and visitors by innovative and striking design, various demonstrated projects. On the stand it was provided a constant video broadcast of advertising and informational movies of the exhibition participants and partners of the club «Archimedes». Four days of the exhibition were rich in events, meetings and impressions. The Delegation of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» has realized an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of Russian science and industry to acquaint visitors with the technological market in Russia, to find new contacts and partners. It is the second time in 2015 that the Club «Archimedes» is taking part in a technical trade fair in Europe, thereby emphasizing the importance of inventive activity in the innovative development of modern industry. During the Euromold Mr. Zezyulin, the President of the International Innovation Club «Archimedes» and Mr. Doring, managing director of «DEMAT» GmbH (organizers of the fair) have conducted negotiations. According to the results of the discussions with the German partners an agreement was reached on the organization of the joint exposition of German manufacturers and businessmen at the XIXth Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies «Archimedes». The booth of the Innovation Club «Archimedes» was attended by representatives of different international companies, among them: HASCO Hasenclever GmbH, SabriScan OY, MONTRONIX GmbH, SolidCAM GmbH, KANPLAST, quada Hungary Ltd. and many others. Productive cooperation between our countries allows us to implement complex and interesting projects of international scope, to advance the most promising inventions and technologies.

The International Innovation Club «Archimedes» appreciates help and support given by the organizers of the exhibition «Euromold 2015» - Mr. Doring and Mr. Santo for the excellent organization of the club stand at the exhibition.