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Instructions for participants of the exhibition

XXV Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies "Archimedes-2022"

March, 29th - 31st, 2022




  • Prior to the beginning of installation participants should be registered and receive the pass. Access to work at the Exhibition get the participants who have financial documents confirming the payment or with the letter of guarantee for payment. Participants without payment can’t get access to the exhibition.

  • The representative of the firm-participant should have the warrant for signing financial documents It is necessary for. If the representative of the Exhibitor doesn’t have documents confirming his powers to act on behalf of the Exhibitor, the Organizer reserves the right not to transfer to the representative of the Exhibitor information and financial documents about the exhibition.

  • The Invoice and the certificate about rendered services is issued at the termination of the exhibition.

  • Before the termination of dismantle participants should control mutual calculations with the Management, hand over the stand both all rented equipment and stock in a serviceable condition to the manager responsible for building of the pavilion or pay their full cost in case of damage.

  • Drive-in and drive-out of exhibits at the exhibition territory is forbidden without permit

  • In the operating time of the exhibition the exhibitor is obliged to observe the internal schedule of work of the exhibition and to provide presence of his representative at the stand in the exhibition business hours. Gathering, packing, export of exhibits and dismantle of stands before closing of the exhibition without consent of the Organizer Is forbidden.

  • At preschedule departure the exhibitor is obliged to hand over the stand to the manager of the pavilion, as fast as possible and silently collect, pack and remove exhibits from the stand, not stirring work of the held events.

  • The maintenance of stands in cleanliness, their cleaning is carried out by participants, except removal of dust from garbage baskets that participants put over stand limits after 18:00 before leaving the stand.

  • You should co-ordinate the stand site and its full equipment with the manager on building the pavilion till March, 11th. If the scheme of building stand is absent, installation will be executed according to the standard modular complete set. If you need to correct the stand in the course of installation or less than a week before the exhibition, you will have to pay installation/dismantle in the double price.

  • During the entire period of work of the exhibition the Organizer provides general protection of exhibition territory (pass control in the daytime and at night, maintenance of public order ob the exhibition territory). The organizer does not bear responsibility for safety of exhibits and other material assets belonging to the Exhibitor, in exhibition business hours. The exhibitor can conclude the contract with special security firm.

  • The area given in rent can be used only for the exhibition purposes.


At the exhibition territory it is categorically forbidden:

  • To use nails, a sticky and gluing tape in making expositions on wall panels in order to avoid their damage;

  • To smoke, use open fire and faulty electric devices, use electric heating devices, apply inflammable and combustible liquids (gasoline, acetone, solvents), and also non-authorized mounting of additional sockets, extension pieces, etc.

  • To block up stands and passes by empty containers, to place in passes of the pavilion display exhibits and other objects jamming free passage of visitors;

  • To conduct advertising and commercial activity for organizations that have not been accredited at the Exhibition.


*In case of non-observance of rules of work at the exhibition the administrative penalty is collected in the amount of _______________

*In case of damage of the exhibition equipment the penalty makes the double cost of the damaged equipment




Tel.: +7(495) 366-14-65 – Anastasia Sharkova

E-mail: mail@archimedes.ru


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