Archimedes» – history of success


Since 1992 the Russian inventors and manufacturers of innovative products annually participated in various Salons of inventions, such as Brussels-Eureka (Belgium), Contest Lepin (Paris) and others. The deserved high awards, social recognition and agreements on realization of results of intellectual activities with different foreign contests became results of their participation.


Each year, expositions of the Russian inventors at foreign exhibitions increased, in quantity and quality. And more often questions sounded - why there is no exhibition of inventions in Russia? Such huge country, talented people, interesting inventions and technologies. But nobody undertook the organization of exhibitions of inventions in Russia.

Last exhibitions of inventions were held in the USSR, but that was another country, with other economic and political formation.


In the autumn of 1997 at the exhibition Brussels-Evrika in Brussels (Belgium) have met the lawyer Dmitry Zezyulin (Russia, Moscow), the patent attorney Milenko Manigodich (Serbia, Belgrade), the director of the industrial enterprise Nikolay Kolesnik (Russia, Ryazan) and the organizer of the exhibition of inventions in Bulgaria Sia Mednikarova (Bulgaria, Sofia). In the course of multihour talks it was decided to held the 1st International Salon of inventions and innovations "Archimedes" in interests of Russian inventors in the frames of the forum «The New markets of Europe» on the territory of the International congress centre, in the city of Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus in June 1998.

In the forum and in the exhibition of inventions took part 86 projects and 43 inventors from Russia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At once the exhibition became international and received wide popularity in the Mediterranean region and Russia.


In 1999 the "Archimedes" arrived to Russia, and with success was held in the Congress-exhibition centre "Izmailovo", having collected already over 200 participants and 315 projects and inventors from 9 countries.

The Salon "Archimedes" from the very beginning of its birth was actively supported by the Government of Moscow, Rospatent and the association «Soyuzpatent».


In March 2000, to participants and organizers of the Salon "Archimedes" was addressed a greeting from Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. To welcome Salon participants and to take part in it arrived heads of associations of inventors and Salons of inventions from USA – Elen Yarlen, Belgium – Jose Lorio, Japan – Ioshiro Nakamatsu, the countries of the European Union, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Ukraine and other industrially developed states. Within the Salon frames (it was held in the VDNH exhibition site) for the first time was held the international conference on legal protection of objects of industrial property, organized by Rospatent, with the assistance of Association “Soyuzpatent”. For the first time in the Salon took part enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Defence of Russia, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Roscosmos, Prefectures of Moscow, regions of the Russian Federation. In total over 400 participants on the area of 1500 sq.m.

The day before under the author's project there was made the bronze figurine of the Great Archimedes covered with gold, that became a permanent prize – the Grand prix of the Salon "Archimedes".

The international jury, under the presidency Michail Lvovich Gorodissky (the head of the association «Soyuzpatent»), has awarde the first three figurines to delegations of inventors from the USA, Japan and the Ryazan area for complexes of developments.

At the Salon "Archimedes-2000" were concluded agreements on realization of results of innovation activities for the sum over 15 million dollars.


Thus, the Salon "Archimedes" became the complex congress-exhibition event, including the exhibition of inventions and innovation projects, the conference on patent protection of results of innovation activities, presentations of investment projects, the contest and business program.

The trade mark "Archimedes" was represented on medals, prizes, diplomas and presentation products of the Salon (catalogues, booklets, pens and folders).

The Salon continued to develop, and in the head were placed interests of developers, manufacturers of innovative products and consumers of results of innovation activities.


Annually at Salon "Archimedes" are exhibited 1000 results of intellectual activities from industrially developed regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries of Europe, to Asia, Africa and America and Australia. For years of the Salon existence there were exhibited about 15000 inventions, utility models and industrial samples. They were represented by 7500 inventors from 69 regions of the Russian Federation and 40 industrially developed countries.


The Salon "Archimedes" became that platform where the inventor finds the manufacturer, and the manufacturer - its consumer.

The important achievement of the Salon "Archimedes" in these years became the fact that practically all objects presented at the Salon exposition, find subsequent practical application in the economy. The most perspective inventions were implemented into the capital city complex.


Thus, in 2012, by results of the contest organized by the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow «the Best invention in interests of protection and  rescue of people» there were chosen and transferred for implementation over 100 innovative projects.


In 2013, by results of contests, «the Best innovation project in interests of the building industry of Moscow» (organizer – the Department of a town-planning policy) and «the Best invention in interests of housing and communal services of Moscow» (organizer - the Department of housing and communal services of Moscow) the best developments were presented for implementation into the complex of municipal economy of the city of Moscow.

The new medical technologies shown at the Salon "Archimedes" found application in Moscow clinics. The new technologies developed by the company "Nanodent", are actively used in stomatology.

The sapphire scalpels developed by the Institute of the solid-state physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, are used in the MONIKI hospital.

«The training apparatus of the driver» of Roman Boush is introduced in driving schools of Moscow.

Small dirigible balloons of the firm "Avgur" – are used by the traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow.

Crypto-protection systems of the firm "Spectr" are introduced into security systems of the city corporate organizations.

Physical-improving «Training apparatuses of Agashin» are used in Moscow kindergartens and schools.

Depositions of titanium nitride of the firm "RIK-S" were used for gold coating of domes of the Temple of the Christ the Savior, the Bogoyavlensky Cathedral etc.

Energy-saving technologies of the OJSC NPP "Sapphire" are used at 155 city energy - and water substations.

Superbright light-emitting diode boards of the OJSC NPP "Optron" are used in city traffic lights, at city passenger transport.

Inventions of the company "Geologorazvedka" - georadars for the first time shown at the Salon in 2008 were effectively used in carrying out of engineering researches, and at studies of causes and consequences of downfalls of surface grounds in Moscow, on building of Olympic objects in Sochi, in other regions of Russia and abroad (Czech Republic, Slovakia).

The technology «The precision laser cutting of glasses, sapphire and other fragile materials» developed at the Moscow state university of instrument making and computer science, and for the first time shown in 2004 at the "Archimedes", is widely introduced not only in Russia, but also in the leading foreign companies: Foxconn (Taiwan), Apple (USA), Sharp (Japan), MDI (Japan), Jenoptik (Germany).


Participation at the Salon "Archimedes" for inventors and manufacturers of innovative products from Russia and other states became really the point of support that helped them to rise strong on feet and to achieve all-round success!


D.I.Zezyulin, cand.econ.sci.,

The president of Salon"Archimedes",

The honourable inventor of the city of Moscow