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Moscow International Exhibition and Competition of trademarks and appellations of Origin of goods "Trademark - Leader"

from March 18 to March 20, 2025 on the territory of the congress and exhibition complex of Amber Plaza Business Centre

The goal of the exhibition-contest «Trade mark - LEADER» is:

- Promotion of new goods and services to the market;

- Providing all possible assistance to trademark owners and manufacturers using the labels of the names of the places of origin of goods in promoting their products and services on the Russian and international markets;

- Protection of the producer from unfair competition;

- Giving the brand a high international status;

- Increase in the added value of the product;

- Informing a wide audience about the unique properties and advantages of products that have no analogues;

- Increase brand awareness, consumer loyalty;

- Receiving support from state and municipal authorities, attracting private investment in order to increase production, as well as expand the sales market.

During the work of the exhibition «Trade mark - LEADER» there will be working the commission of experts and the international jury, consisting of leading world experts in trade marks and names of places of goods origin.

All exhibitors will be provided with the equipped exhibition area of minimum 2 sq. m. per 1 exhibit. The exhibitors who couldn’t be personally present at the exhibition, have a possibility of participation by correspondence, their exhibits will be demonstrated at the exhibition by employees of the management of the Salon "Archimedes".

During the work of the exhibition «Trade mark - LEADER» all exhibitors can take part in the International practical conference on legal protection of results of intellectual activities to be held in Moscow with participation of leading experts of the Federal institute of industrial property.

All participants of the exhibition will get diplomas of the international standard, the methodical and information literature. For the most interesting exhibits the International jury will award gold and silver medals, valuable prizes from exhibition organizers and partners.

In order to become the participant of the International exhibition of trade marks and names of places of goods origin «Trade mark- LEADER», it is necessary:
  • Fill it in and send to the address given below.
  • The trade mark, the name of place of goods origin, with the applied copy of the registration certificate.
  • Send the filled in application
    Before March, 10th, 2025 to the address:
    Russia, 105187, Moscow, Shcherbakovskaya st., 53, bld. B, "ArchimedExpo" LLC
    Tel./fax: +7(495) 366-14-65, +7(495) 366-03-44
    e-mail: mail@archimedes.ru
  • Pay participation fees
    After the exhibition operator processes your application you will get the invoice for participation that is to be paid.
Classifier of trade marks
(contest nominations)
01. Struggle against pollution and environment protection
02. Safety, protection and rescue of people
03. Aviation industry
04. Land, sea and air transport
05. Industrial equipment
06. Chemical and oil-extracting industry
07. General mechanical engineering
08. Metallurgy
09. Power, electricity and power electronics
10. Information technologies
11. Polygraphy, advertising, mass-media
12. Games - Sports - Culture - Leisure
13. Products, gifts
14. Textile industry and clothes manufacturing
15. Medicine and public health services
16. Agricultural and the food-processing industry
17. Building and equipment of inhabited and uninhabited premises
18. Working tools
19. Elevating transport devices
20. Packing and storage
21. Legal support (patent protection of objects of intellectual property)
22. Trade
23. Exhibitions, Salons, Fairs
24. Miscellaneous